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    Red Cuillin

    The Red Hills (Na Beanntan Dearga in Gaelic) are sometimes known as the Red Cuillin.

    They are mainly composed of granite which is paler than the gabbro (with a reddish tinge from some angles in some lights) and has weathered into more rounded hills with vegetation cover to summit level and long scree slopes on their flanks.

    The highest point of the hills is Glamaig, one of only two Corbetts on Skye (the other being Garbh-bheinn, part of the small group of gabbro outliers surrounding Blà Bheinn).

    Colour Description: Elegant rich red

    Please note: Whilst we try to replicate each colour on our website, colour on screen may vary due to a number of factors including screen resolution. We therefore advise that you order a colour card or sample pot to check actual finished colour.

    Colour Combinations
    Red Cuillin Struan Peatbog
    Camasunary Pebble