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Camasunary Pebble

Camasunary Pebble


Camasunary is a small bay on the Strathaird peninsula of the Isle of Skye, Scotland. Camasunary is the Scots form of the Gaelic name Camas Fhionnairigh, and means “Bay of the White Shieling”.

The Camasunary Fault is a geological subsurface feature underlying a portion of the Isle of Skye extending under the Sea of the Hebrides.

Colour Description: Timeless beige

Please note: Whilst we try to replicate each colour on our website, colour on screen may vary due to a number of factors including screen resolution. We therefore advise that you order a colour card or sample pot to check actual finished colour.

Colour Combinations

Camasunary Pebble Red Cuillin


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