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Lots of people grow up with nicknames, and it’s especially so when you are from the islands.  Alasdair’s is Starsky and most people on Skye (and beyond) know him as this.

As a painter and decorator with over 25 years experience, Alasdair used his experience and knowledge to develop our own range of interior and exterior paint, taking the landscape of Skye as the inspiration for our colour palette.

When not making paint, Alasdair can be found on the golf course at Sconser.

Carol provides all the financial and administerial resources to the company but when she’s not in the office, Carol is in the shop in Portree having good craic with the customers, “it’s amazing how much knowledge you pick up when you’re married to a painter and decorator”.

If you come into the shop on a Saturday, chances are that Megan and Grant will be there too. Megan is a quiet sociable girl and Grant, well Grant is just full of mischief.

Leanne Beaton

Leanne is our retail manager.

Leanne is also a native of Skye and if you phone the shop, chances are it will be Leanne you’ll speak to.

Leanne loves nothing more than unleashing her creative side, from making her own candle range from her own kitchen, to face painting at children’s party’s or practicing on her two young daughters Maisie and Mollie. Leanne is in her element in the never ending changing colour schemes and projects within her own home, much to her husband Iain’s despair ! but loves nothing more than to take-off for a few days with family and friends for some much needed relaxation time with a gin in hand !

Julia Sagias

Julia is an interior designer, furniture painter and artist.  Julia has a degree in art history from the University of Glasgow and a Masters in Interior Design from the Glasgow School of Art.  As an artist she uses colour in her daily practice in various projects from furniture painting, fine art and hand-painted murals.

In her spare time Julia enjoys travelling, exploring new cultures, art and music as well as photographing and painting from nature and landscapes.  She also likes gardening and has a passion for the natural world and playing with her two little daughters. She loves being outdoors, walking and exploring Scotland.

Design is part of her everyday work and leisure, and she loves creating new interior design concepts and colour schemes as well as hand-painted design collections for wallpaper and fabric.

Gary Wemyss

Gary is our key account manager.

With over 25 years experience in high street retail management and FMCG sales management, Gary advises new accounts on ranges and the sales process for Isle of Skye Paint.

Helping out when he can with a “can do” attitude.

“Helping out as a key account manager enables me to use my previous business improvement skills alongside my sales experience to motivate me and to promote Isle of Skye Paint”

Richard and Paula Chyzy

We’ve worked with Richard and Paula for many years, since the company’s inception in fact, having first met them when they lived in the Outer Hebrides, so technically our neighbours albeit on another island!

Richard and Paula provide the creative backbone to our brand, advising on our brand management and brand development for the company, its future product placing and ensuring our stockists keep faithful to the brand also.

And when they’ve not got their creative hats on, you will find them down at Valley Parade in claret and amber, cheering on “the lads”!